Pig Farm Ink Announces 2016 Partnership With COSTA

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Pig Farm Ink is proud to announce that we have partnered with COSTA to get bitchin' in 2016.  COSTA has committed to providing support for Pig Farm Ink's Iron Fly and Get Trashed events, Bring Back the Porn campaign, as well as an investment into the continued development of events that encourage people to "Go Outside" and "See What's Out There".  Pig Farm Ink has committed to provide a network of support for COSTA and TU's college engagement campaign, 5RIVERS, as well as other marketing initiatives.

5 Rivers Rally: Millennials Making a Monumental Impact on the future of Coldwater Conservation

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At this year’s Rally held at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Va., 200 students from 20 schools participated in a variety of activities, including a premiere of the F3T spinoff, “Flies, Films and Foam,” a raffle (items donated by our program sponsors, Simms Fishing Products, Montana Fly Company and Mossy Creek Fly Shop), Pig Farm Ink’s “Iron Fly” tying competition and “Get Trashed” stream cleanup. During the “Get Trashed” event, students removed two tons of trash from the waterways of Syria, Va.!

PIG FARM INK Bring Back the Porn...

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A handful of years ago a bunch of us were having the time of our lives, going on fly fishing adventures with good friends and capturing what we could on video.  We would spend all year collecting footage and spent months editing it down to something that we felt captured the energy and excitement of our journeys - something that we wanted to watch.  Something that got us fired up to go on our next fishing adventure...

How To Clean Up Your Town: Get Trashed Fort Collins, CO August 2015

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For those of you unaware, Fort Collins, Colorado is a bitchin' town, and the official headquarters of Pig Farm Ink.  When it came time to pick a location for our debut Get Trashed event, Fort Compton was the logical choice. 

Many of us have been fishing the water of the Poudre river throughout Old Town since we were kids, and we are all aware that the river could use our help.  The Poudre (through downtown Fort Collins) is an urban trout fishery, and although it is a beautiful freestone river, its close proximity to downtown means that some garbage inevitably ends up in it.