Do you think you are the shit at tying flies?  Do you have the newest secret fly or hard to get materials?  Are you so fucking bad ass that you can cure UV glue by merely looking at it?  Do you think you have what it takes to carry the title "IRON FLY Champion"?  Do you like to party?  Well if so then you might want to grab a couple of your best friends (newbies preferred) and check out an IRON FLY event near you.

IRON FLY is fly tying meets Iron Chef as tiers compete in a battle of partying skills and bobbin prowess to make the ultimate fish snack from the same set of mystery ingredients.  Race against your liver and your competitors to show the panel of judges that your vice has the spice.

Each event is subject to local rules, and prizes will vary per event.  In some instances, there will be no prizes at all, as this is not a "fly tying tournament".  Irresponsible behavior will be loosely tolerated and asshats kicked directly in the face.  


Would you like more information about IRON FLY?  Interested in hosting your own IRON FLY event?  Let us know...

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PIG FARM INK Iron Fly Cross T Shirt for Men

Represent IRON FLY with this bitchin t shirt.  0% mystery ingredients.  Full Logo Front, "Born To Be Free" on right sleeve

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