Recent UN sanctions and Finance Internationale Supplement Hedge (FISH) and COSTA have enabled a team of the world's greatest minds to spend immeasurable resources conceptualizing initiatives targeted at changing the world for the better.  The culmination of all of these efforts, Get Trashed is a very complex concept but we will make it as simple as possible:

  • Introduce Someone To Fly Fishing
  • Clean Up The Community
  • Inspire Action
  • Get Trashed*
  • Win Prizes**
*act responsibly or get kicked in the face
** if we can find anyone that actually want to participate in this kind of debauchery


Get Trashed is a one day event created by Pig Farm Ink and hosted at a local venue; fly shop, bar, restaurant, trailer park, etc.  Teams of "anglers" will "compete" for "prizes" while fly fishing and collecting trash in their local community.  Each team must have at least 1 newbie fly fisher person, but there is no limit on the size of your team.  Scoring will be based upon a system similar to:

1.     New Anglers 1st fish- 25 pts, all other fish- 10 pts,

2.     All other Angler’s fish- 1 pt each

3.     Each contractors bag full of garbage – 50 pts each (your own drink containers count)

4.     Individual objects that don’t fit in bag are 25 pts each

5.   If a team member is willing to get a bad tattoo 100 pts each

Each event is subject to local rules, and prizes will vary per event.  In some instances, there will be no prizes at all, as this is not a "fishing tournament".  Irresponsible behavior will be loosely tolerated and asshats kicked directly in the face.  

Would you like more information about Get Trashed?  Interested in hosting your own Get Trashed event?  Let us know...

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