The Mission

To create an experience that engages both new and used fly fisher-people and inspires them to Go Outside and Get Involved.

Event Overview

Iron Fly is not about how great of a tier somebody is. It is a way to get together, have fun, and show people that fly fishing is not a tired ass stuffy way to spend time.  IRON FLY is fly tying meets Iron Chef as tiers "compete" in a battle of partying skills and bobbin prowess to make the ultimate fish snack from the same set of mystery ingredients.  Race against your liver and your competitors to show the panel of judges that your vice has the spice. 

Event management can be handled by one person, with the support of Pig Farm Ink.  You are responsible to make sure that everyone adheres to all laws and local rules/regulations.  Pig Farm Ink, LLC (PFI) is a grassroots marketing company with literally $200 in the bank.  Our mission is to inspire people to Go Outside and Get Involved.  PFI cannot be held responsible for any "renegade" behavior.

Items Needed

  • Venue, Booze, other options available in states like CO, AK, OR, WA
  • Vices, Scissors, Bobbins, Thread
  • Misc. Fly Tying Plan/Materials
  • Mystery Fly Tying Plan/Ingredients
  • Flyer (Template available)
  • Prizes (PFI has some prizes available, but you are encouraged to try to collect some on your own.)
  • PA System (optional)

To Do

1. Secure Location(s), Times, Dates - Iron Fly is designed as a half day event that usually includes 4 hours of drinking, bullshitting and fly tying.  We like to schedule Iron Fly events from 7:30-Bitchin'

The Venue - Selecting a venue that will serve as host to the event is paramount.  A bar or restaurant with a large communal area is preferred.  ALCOHOLLive music, games (corn hole), etc. are all great ways to add value to the event.  ALCOHOLKeep in mind that tying flies requires some light.  ALCOHOL

We try to keep all Pig Farm events unbiased and community centered.  Throwing an Iron Fly at a fly shop isn't the most effective way to get non-fly fishermen engaged and can potentially put the other shops in the community at a disadvantage.  Fly Shops are encouraged to to participate, but please try to be creative with the venue.

2. Event Plan - Create a plan based around fun, efficiency, simplicity, sharing, and learning.  Start the event with some socialization leading up to a group tie.  Pick a simple fly pattern and a more complex pattern that everyone is to tie.  Encourage newbies to learn the basics in preparation for the main event.


  • Teach a new chick how to tie a San Juan worm - hand out a prize
  • New dude solos a San Juan worm - hand out a Prize and switch tiers
  • Experienced fly fisher-person switch handed San Juan worm - hand out a prize
  • Blind folded San Juan worn - hand out a prize
  • Break for beer, safety meeting, etc.
  • Group tie, intermediate pattern
  • Best Newbie tie - hand out a prize
  • Best Experienced tie - hand out prize
  • Break for beer, safety meeting, etc.
  • Iron Fly main event
  • Best Newbie tie - hand out a prize
  • Best Experienced tie - hand out prize
  • Most creative tie - hand out prize
  • Shittiest tie -  hand out prize

Iron Fly challenge ideas:

  • 5 things from a Dollar store
  • Anything in your pocket
  • Materials sourced from your own hunting adventures
  • Roadkill

3. Gather Materials - Pig Farm Ink has limited supplies available.  Hopefully in the near future we can get enough kit to take care of everybody.  Try to collect as many vices, bobbins, scissors, materials, etc. that you think you might need.  Get freaky with your mystery ingredients.  It is nice to have at least 12 complete tying stations. 

4. Create/Print Flyer - The flyer is our main tool of communication for Iron Fly events.  Get creative and make your own.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just communicate the message effectively.  PFI will provide support for flyer finalization.  Please provide us artwork with plenty of neutral space.  This flyer can and should be used for all physical and digital promotion and must be approved by Pig Farm Ink before distribution.

5. Promote - Promoting Iron Fly is pretty simple, and should be approached with a community aspect.   Once the details have been ironed out, send the flyer and event details to PFI, and we will distribute it through our network of Pig Farmers, post event to the calendar at pigfarmink.com, create the event on PFI's Facebook page, and post to PFI's Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Post to your personal/organization's social media assets and drive traffic.  Post flyers locally in key locations, and have your posse get the word out.

The Event

Get Some!  Make sure you have all of the needed items ready to go.

Arrival - Plan 1 hour to get everyone "primed" and ready to go.  Try to encourage people to order drinks, food, etc.  When everybody seems ready to go, execute your plan.   A small PA system may be needed to get everyone's attention.

Grab some pictures and some video (HD 16:9 format).  Encourage others to do the same and post on social media #pigfarmink, #ironfly, #flyfishingsaveslives, #"event supporters", etc.  Get people to email/text their event images/video in high resolution to you either during or after the event.  These images are one of Pig Farm Ink's most powerful tools to spread our gospel.  Please help get this done.

The Aftermath - Following the event, you will probably be half cocked.  Make sure everything is in order and nobody is about to jump behind the wheel of a vehicle who obviously shouldn't be.  Remind everyone to send you pictures.  Secure all tying supplies supplied by Pig Farm Ink.

Follow Up

So now you are probably in need of a vacation.  Take some vitamin-I and get your ass up.  Its a good time to go fishing.  Pig Farm Ink, the fly fishing world and your community thank you for your efforts.  When you get a chance, send us all of the photos and videos you collected from the event.  If you have the chance, can you please write up a short blog post, and send it our way?  Content from these events help get people fired up to host an Iron Fly in their town, and we need all of it we can get.